Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wonderful Confession By Girl

Wonderful Confession By a Girl And Amazing Reply She Got,, !!

She : Dad, I'm in Love with a Boy,
Who is So Far Away from Me
I'm in India And He lives in U.K.

We Met On Dating Website,
Became Friends on FB,

Had long Chats On Whatsapp,
Proposed each Other on Skype,
Now 2 Months Of Relationship
Through Viber,

I need You'r Blessings And 
Good Wishes "Oh Daddy"

"Her Dad Said :

Now Get Married on Twitter,
Have fun on Tango,

Buy Your Kids From ebay,
Send them Through Gmail,

And if you Are Fed up With 
Your Husband , "Then Try Olx "

And sell him :p